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Affinity Coaching helped transform my family. Now instead of fighting and tension, I have a great relationship with my stepkids. I am showing up for myself, my family and in the world in a way that is powerfully authentic. I am able to affect positive change in mine and my stepkid’s behaviour. I finally feel confident in my parenting skills and I have the tools to cope with the challenges my stepkids throw at me! - I can’t recommend Florie enough
— Laurel, Victoria, BC


Do you feel you don’t recognize your teen anymore?

Their behaviour is out of control and you are at your wits end

You're lying awake worrying about your teenager’s drug and alcohol use, eating issue, anxiety, depression, extreme technology use & extreme behaviour issues. When you're not worried, you're stuck in your own anger or having conflict with your spouse about parenting styles...

Do you feel like you just can’t get it right?

You have gone from hugs and kisses to arguments and frustration

You can't get your kids off their phones or get them to do their chores without huffs and grunts. You're anxious about how you will handle dating, partying, driving and the other teenage problems coming your way. The preteen / teen years have hit you right between the eyes and you're freaked...

Do you wake up with that feeling in your gut?

You can’t keep ignoring the burning desire or the plain reality that you must make a change

A change... to achieve a personal goal, start and build a new career, go back to school, improve your health and wellness or adjust to a major life transition. You keep stumbling over the logistics... the strategizing, planning, balancing old and new, defeatist beliefs and ongoing fear...



I did and experienced some pretty bad stuff as a teen

By the grace of god I was saved from the worst. I know first hand the impact struggles with your kids can have within a family and that's what inspired me to support any family walking this road... I'll hold you lovingly, with care and compassion, as you journey to redeem the tough things that have happened within your family and move on to create the kind of change you want to see in your home.




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